Wi-Fi Router / OVISLINK 604WN

Purchase: 74 $*
Rental: 5 $/month*
Differed purchase: 7 $ /month for a 12 month period*

Minimum required specifications :

  • Your computers must be equipped with Wi-Fi technology using norms B, G or N.

ADSL Modem

Purchase: 69.95 $*
Used: 39.95$* depending on availability
Differed purchase: 10 $ /month for 8 months*

Minimum specifications required:

  • Your computers must be equipped with a network card

VDSL Modem Ovislink

Purchase: 179.95 $*
Rental: 5 $ /month*

Modem does not offer wireless internet, for customers who have TV on copper cable.

ONT Fiber Modem

Rental: 5 $ /month*

Required device for fiber optic service. This device distributes phone, Internet and telephone service.

Some restrictions apply
  • Certain restrictions apply. Taxes not included. Available where technology permits.

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