All decoders available at Cooptel are compatible with High Definition (HD) signals. Whether you have an HDTV or not, you can still use Cooptel’s Television service.

However, to watch HD channels, you need to subscribe to Cooptel’s basic HD service and connect your decoder to an HDTV. Cooptel’s television is an all-digital service and requires the connection of a decoder.

A new high performance recorder & decoder!

Lovers of TV series, are you fed up with having to choose which show to watch when they play at the same time on different channels?

Good news ! Cooptel offers you the possibility to record 4 or 6 channels simultaneously. So, no more heartbreaking choices; you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows at your convenience.

The new decoders offer a capacity of 1000 GB, which gives you about 300 hours of recording in high definition or 800 hours of recording in standard format.

Comparatif for pvr
Kamai 650

Wireless high definition decoder !!

Enjoy the outdoors while listening to your broadcasts with our wireless HD decoders. With these new equipment, you will have the opportunity to have a home theater outdoors without the need for a technician!

* The wireless feature requires the rental of a central modem.

High Definition Digital Decoder

The digital HD decoder is compatible with high definition signals (HD). To view HD channels, you must be subscribed to the basic CoopTel HD service and connect your decoder on an HD television.


Backlit remote – 19,95 $ *

The CoopTel backlit remote will facilite the key selection no matter the lighting of the room you are in. Furthermore, it is universal, and compatible on any television.

6ft HDMI cable – 6,95 $ *

Television connection with great image quality, allowing for good sound and image delivery in one single cable.

Some restrictions apply
  • Taxes not included

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