Refer a friend

Are you satisfied with your Cooptel services, and do you know someone who is looking for telecommuncation services? Refer a friend to Cooptel and receive one month of service for free*.

In order to refer a new subscriber, complete the form below. Upon receiving the completed form, a Cooptel representative will contact your referral to confirm their subscription and schedule the installation of their service or services

Refer a friend

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Some restrictions apply
  • Gratuity applies only to high speed Internet, digital telephony and Cooptel Television services. Phone options, long distance calls, additional bandwidth and other options are not included in the gratuity.

  • This offer is applicable only when you refer new subscribers to Cooptel's television, high speed internet and digital telephony services.

  • If the referred subscriber has already made a commitment for one or more services of Cooptel, the reference will not be applied.

  • The referred subscriber may not have been a customer of Cooptel's services during the last 12 months.

  • Cooptel will only credit you with the service(s) to which the referred subscriber will subscribe. Ex: If the new member subscribes to digital telephony and television, Cooptel will offer you free digital telephony services and television for 1 month. No free service may be granted for a service to which you are not subscribed. Free services are not cash value. The referred subscriber must subscribe within 30 days of receiving your form.

  • The credit granted will be applied when the installation is completed at the new referred subscriber and his service(s) will be activated.

  • The referred subscriber must be approved by Cooptel's credit department.

  • The referred subscriber must reside in the territory served by Cooptel.

  • The referred subscriber must not reside at the same address as you.

  • The refer a friend program is only available to residential members of Cooptel.

  • For you to be entitled to a gratuity, the referred subscriber must keep his service(s) at least 3 months without having had any late payment. The gratuity will be applied to your invoice within 30 days after this period of 3 months.

  • No gratuity may be applied for the telephone service of a subscriber with a number beginning with 532, 450 548 and 450 535.

  • No gratuity can be granted to subscribers benefiting from a special rate due to an institutional agreement (UdeS packages, housing cooperatives, etc.).

  • No gratuity can be applied for the Urban Internet service.