An internet provider for a return without stress!

An internet provider for a return without stress!

Back to school has just begun and you’re already in panic mode? Between recreational outings, sports activities, homework and lunch boxes, school can quickly become a shambles. Good planning can, however, reduce your stress and help you establish a balanced routine. With the help of a good internet service, we found you some tips to improve your organization.


To plan your weeks, we offer a free tool that will become essential for the whole family. To do this, it is necessary to subscribe to an internet provider, to use the Google Chrome browser and have a Gmail email address (it is possible to create one if you do not have one). The application is called Agenda and is freely available to users of this browser.

Votre fournisseur internet vous aide à planifier votre rentrée

You will be able to add in meetings with teachers, days of activities, appointments and even the dates of delivery of the work. What’s even more awesome is that you can share your agenda with the whole family. The app can also be downloaded to your mobile devices.

Don’t be short on ideas!

Idea search for lunches and snacks has now been simplified since the arrival of several websites offering easy recipes. We have found for you some websites suggesting recipes so simple and fast that even children can get their hands dirty. The website has been recommended to us by several parents. This site is accessible for free and offers recipes from basic ingredients, which you probably already have on hand or are very easy to find. Another very popular site with parents is This site offers several ideas to diversify lunchbox menus.

To conclude, don’t forget that the internet service remains an accessible, easy and practical tool to help you plan your daily routine and change the routine and meals by providing innovative ideas without hassle. Now is the time to stop stressing and enjoy this back-to-school season!

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