What is the Internet on “Wi-Fi”?

What is the Internet on "Wi-Fi"?

We call it wireless and we use it every day, but what is Wi-Fi? Wi-Fi is a technology that uses radio waves. It transmits frequencies between 2.4 and 5 GHz.

To access this type of connection, you need a modem / router that will send the signal to other compatible devices and a wireless network adapter on the computer to connect to the Internet.

An optimal Wi-Fi Internet connection

Inside, the Wi-Fi has a range of about ten meters. It is therefore important to ensure that the equipment is installed in a strategic and logical place.

Ideally, as close as possible to where we have the most devices connected to your home Internet service: the office for some, the living room for others. That said, avoid placing your router near a brick or metal wall, as this may limit the signal or create interference. A large area to cover? Invest in a repeater.

A repeater is an electronic device combining a receiver and a transmitter, which compensates the transmission losses of a medium by amplifying and possibly processing the signal, without modifying its content. So a repeater, allows you to increase the range of your Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi, is it dangerous?

Health Canada considers wireless Internet technology safe :

Family using Wi-Fi thanks to its internet package

“As long as [the radiofrequency levels] remain below the limits prescribed in Health Canada’s exposure guidelines [to radio frequencies], current scientific evidence supports the claim that [radio frequency] emissions from Wi-Fi devices do not are not dangerous.

For more information, visit Security of Wi-Fi technology from Health Canada’s website.

Is my connection secure?

If you live or work in a busy neighborhood, chances are unauthorized users are trying to join your wireless network. Add WPA2 security with a strong password (capital letters, special characters, letters, numbers) to reduce the risk of sharing your Internet connection with strangers.

Luckily, all devices provided by Cooptel are preconfigured with this type of security!

You do not have residential Internet, here you will find all our Internet packages.

Couple using their internet package over Wi-fi

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