What is “streaming”?

What is "streaming"?

Streaming is used to refer to continuous playback or streaming mode. You can play streaming to view video content such as YouTube and Netflix or audio content, like Spotify and Deezer.

When we watch a streaming video with our internet package, the video is downloaded as a buffer (not on the hard drive, but on the RAM). Once the video cache is large enough to play it, the video starts and downloads continuously. If you’re a big consumer, it’s important to have the unlimited download option on your internet package.

Does streaming use data from my internet package?

Streaming uses data from your internet package since there is a download, but the storage is temporary and the content is no longer accessible thereafter. It is therefore important to regularly check your usage.

For the calculation of Internet consumption, according to Netflix, high definition video can take up to 3GB per hour and for ultra-HD quality up to 7GB per hour. If you’re a big consumer, it’s important to have the unlimited download option on your internet package.

Couple using their internet package to stream a series

If you listen to music via Spotify, these mention that for 1 GB of bandwidth, you will be able to listen to about 213 four-minute songs.

What is illegal content?

It is important to pay attention to the legal aspect of what is offered on the Web. Unfortunately, there are many websites that offer pirated content. How to know? There are platforms like YouTube and Dailymotion that offer free legal content; and others, paid options such as Netflix or Canal Play that offer legal content for access to recently released movies and TV series.

What are the risks of viewing illegal content?

The risks are significant and a person may be subject to a very high penalty. What does the law say about this? Whoever uploads a protected work in full knowledge of the facts is criminally responsible and can be prosecuted. The same is true for anyone who views the illegal content. There is also the security aspect, because many of these videos contain viruses that can jeopardize the proper functioning of your devices.
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