How can your residential Internet provider help you secure your home while on vacation?

How can your residential Internet provider help you secure your home while on vacation?

Some of you have recently closed the cottage for the winter. The lucky ones will even be spending their winter under the sun in warmer climates! But what about the protection of your property in your absence? Of course, having an alarm system connected to your telephone service or your residential Internet service remains a must, but can it help you spend winter in tranquility? The answer is Yes! Below are some tips and tricks to find your home intact after a long absence!

Cameras linked to the Internet

Several cameras offer the possibility to provide you with a real time image of your home on a computer or smartphone via a residential Internet connection. These surveillance camera systems are handy to ensure that no one is prowling around, that a neighbor has not appropriated your spa or that your grandson has not decided to organize an open house party at your home!

A water leak warning device

Although it is suggested to shut the water main valve off during long periods of absence, it is not always possible when, for example, you have asked someone to take care of your plants or fish. Well, there is now a device that will send a warning to your smartphone via a wireless Internet connection as soon as it detects water. The leak detector is a wireless device that sends you a message as soon as a leak begins, allowing you to react before the damage is too great! You can put one in each area susceptible to being flooded (water heater, toilets, etc.).

Sécurisé votre maison à distance avec votre internet résidentiel

The detector, often equipped with a metal base, detects the presence of water and its system automatically sends an alarm message to your smartphone or your email, depending on the method you choose. Some detectors even control the temperature and can send you a notice when it detects a temperature that could cause freezing of the nearby water source.

Smart home automation, also a security question

Centralizing the management of your electronic devices, commonly called smart home automation, can help protect your home in case of prolonged absence. First of all, you can simulate a presence by controlling, via a wireless Internet connection, a multitude of devices in your home.

Whether it’s the living room light, the tv or the radio, you can turn on and off these devices in your home, all while sitting on the beach with both feet in the sand! Some systems even have a “vacation” mode that allows you to program a presence simulation routine and once selected everything is done automatically. In addition, the smart home automation also allows the control of certain heating devices. It would be possible, for example, to increase the temperature in case of cold weather to avoid the freezing of the pipes, the death of your plants or the breakage of your electronic equipment sensitive to cold.

Finally, some electronic lock systems are linked to remote control applications via wifi connection. It is therefore easy to ensure that the door is properly locked after the cleaning lady has passed. It would also be possible to remotely unlock the door to a trustworthy person to whom you asked to go for a routine visit, without leaving a key to your cottage or home!

Technology can help you spend a holiday without hassle, do not hesitate to consult us about our unlimited residential Internet packages!

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