What questions should you ask yourself before calling an Internet provider to subscribe to their service?

What questions should you ask yourself before calling an Internet provider to subscribe to their service?

When we contact an Internet provider, there are so many different possibilities that it becomes difficult to determine which plan really meets our needs. It is not easy to figure out all these plans ranging from 5mbs to 1000mbs! Here are some tips to help you make an informed choice.

When subscribing to the Internet, there are 3 important factors to validate, the speed of download, the speed of upload and the amount of data included in the package.

How do I determine the speed of download I need?

To determine the speed of download required in your home, you must first identify the number of users who will need to use the internet connection, especially if the use will be simultaneous. Of course, the more users browsing at the same time, the more download speed you need as it will be distributed between users.

It is important to consider what will be connected to your Internet connection

You should also consider the number of devices that will be connected to your Internet service. For a person living alone, who only has a laptop, the question does not arise, however, for a person living alone, but with a laptop, who watches TV on a tablet via our GO services and whose video game console makes regular updates, it goes without saying that the Internet speed will have to be greater!

Assess your needs according to your consumption

Once you have established the number of users and the number of devices connected in your home, your future Internet provider will want to know what you will do with your Internet connection.

You will then have to evaluate the type of browsing that you and each family member will do. Know that certain uses may need more speed, but also more bandwidth and that you need to take that into consideration when choosing your internet package. Some families have many users simultaneously, but these users are not necessarily big consumers.

If you are using social networks, emails or recipe websites, your speed and data needs will be rather limited. On the other hand, if you are a movie enthusiast and you regularly use applications such as our GO Services, it is important to know that viewing videos or movies requires a good speed connection so that the image quality is not affected, but also a large amount of data. An unlimited download plan would be interesting for you.

Do not forget the upload!

Finally, online games on video game consoles as well as video surveillance cameras connected to the Internet require a large amount of data, a good download speed, but they also require a good upload speed. Although it is less well known and publicized, upload speed is important for gamers and for the safety of your home!

When you subscribe to an Internet plan, you will always be informed of the download speed, but do not forget to ask for the upload speed. It is normal that the upload speed is much lower than the download speed, but you still have to assess your need and take the right package for your use!

Find out more about our Internet plan from a Cooptel customer service advisor, he can direct you to the best plan for you and your family!


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