Online shopping? your Internet service offers unlimited possibilities

Online shopping? Your Internet service offers unlimited possibilities

Spring is just around the corner and many of us will be doing spring cleaning to refresh our surroundings. Here’s how you can use your Internet service to help you find used items at a good price.

Several sites such as Kijiji, LesPACS, Facebook Market Place and many others allow you to shop or sell used items such as clothing, cars, electronics and more.
To avoid surprises, your Internet Service Provider has compiled a list of items to check before purchasing a used item.


When shopping for used clothes over the Internet, make sure to check the sizes, ensure the clothing is not damaged and your set is complete.

Also make sure that the seller is about the same size as you. You may wear the same size but he/she might be 10 cm shorter than you and make this new pair of pants just purchase too short!

Also, you will have to take precautions against insects hidden in the fabric. Naturally, we suggest that you wash used clothes thoroughly, if possible in very hot water, and dry them at high temperature before wearing them. If you cannot wash the fabric at high temperature and dry the fabric at high heat, you can put all uncompacted clothing in an airtight bag and place them in a freezer set at -18 degrees Celsius for a period of at least 4 days.


Buying a used car through Internet services can be complicated if you don’t do the necessary checks. Make sure you have a trusted mechanic inspect the vehicle before purchase. Also, when purchasing a used vehicle, it is highly recommended to do a search for the REGISTER OF PERSONAL AND MOVABLE REAL RIGHTS (RDPRM). This low-cost research will save you a lot of headaches.

In fact, this verification allows you to know whether the vehicle is damaged or stolen and whether a debt is attached to the vehicle. Know that if the vehicle is not debt free, by purchasing it, if the debt holder stops making the payment, the vehicle could be seized.


Electronic device robberies are becoming more and more popular and the Internet is often used by thieves to resell their loot. Be careful, if a seller offers you the latest model of a popular smartphone at ridiculously low price, it is safe to bet that you will not be able to activate it since it will have been declared stolen by its real owner. When purchasing electronic devices via an Internet service, make sure it works by asking the seller to turn it on in front of you.

Also, make sure it has been reset and you can turn it off and turn it back on without any problem. You could also take the IMEI number from the device and validate it on the site This site lists the serial numbers of all devices reported lost or stolen in Canada. If it is a TV terminal or modem, make sure it is compatible with your Internet or TV service provider to avoid disappointment. Although it is visually identical to the one you have at home, there may be internal programming that is not compatible.

Safety first

Finally, in order to make a safe transaction, plan your meetings in public and busy places. For example, at your workplace or in a shopping mall. Avoid giving your address and welcoming strangers in your home. If you are selling your old television set, the person could figure out that you just purchased a brand new one and could come back later to steal it…

Some municipalities also provide safe meeting points for residents to transact on a 24-hour video site with recorded images. The city of Bromont was one of the first to offer this service in the parking lot of the local police station.

Happy shopping!

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