Technical and computer support service

Technical and computer support service

Technical support service

Configuration and connection

  • Game consoles
  • Television
  • DVD Player
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Home theatre
  • Smart house
  • Universal remote

Analysis of wireless zones

Internet network configuration on TV

Electrical wiring addition*

Connection of new equipment (modem, router, decoder)

Cost of service: 75 $ /hour, travel fees include 1 hour minimum.

Computer support service

Software Support **

  • Installation of the original software purchased by the customer.
  • Email address configuration
  • Basic analysis of the state of the computer and check summary: Virus, spy software and speed test analysis.


Equipement help

  • Addition of a printer, router, modem and configuration of device or any parts thereof.
  • Basic device configuration (tablet, iPod, etc.)

Cost of service: 75 $ /hour, travel fees include 1 hour minimum.

Computing accessories

  • High performance wireless router
  • Wifi range extender
  • Router antennas
  • Wifi USB Adapter
  • Universal controller
  • IP (SIP) Telephone
  • 6 outlet power bar with surge protection
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • HDMI Cable
  • RJ45 Cable
  • 550 VA battery backup, with over voltage protection
  • 1 To external hard drive
  • 32 Go USB key
  • HV Filter
  • DIN Cable
  • And many more!


Protection plan

This plan allows the customer to use this service as many times as he wants and to replace defective equipment under warranty from normal use

Cost of service: 250 $ /year***

Some restrictions apply
  • Installation of sockets with wiring outside the walls only.

  • No guarantee for the recovery and data retention. The service user must have saved his data (backup copy) prior to bringing his equipment in or having a technician go to his home.

  • Cooptel reserves the right and the discretion to offer a remote assistance service in some cases.