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Frequently asked questions

Important Questions and Answers About the Canada Post Strike


Information on the possibility of a strike by Canada Post employees

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What to do in the event of a Canada Post staff strike?

In the event that the strike of Canada Post employees affects any of the areas served by Cooptel you may use the means already available to pay, as per usual, the amount of your monthly bill before the regular deadline.

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I did not receive my paper invoice. What should I do?

During the Canada Post staff strike, your paper bill may not be sent to you in time. However, you must still pay before the regular deadline.

Several ways are in place to allow you to view the balance of your bill. Online billing is a simple and convenient solution to ensure you receive your bill on time and pay the balance. To register, please select the following link:

Enrollment for Online Billing

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How to see your balance?

  • Online, via the Customer Center in MonCooptel
  • By phone, with an advisor at 1.888.532.2667
  • In person, at one of our business offices

    & Nbsp; How to pay your bill?

    Your payment should be sent to us by any other method than by Canada Post.

    • On the phone, by credit card: Simply call our Customer Service Monday to Wednesday from 8:30 am to 5 pm, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30 am to 6 pm or on Saturday. 9h to 17h at 1.888.532.2667 or our technical support Monday to Wednesday from 17h to 21h, Thursdays and Fridays from 18h to 21h, Saturday from 17h to 21h and Sunday from 9h to 21h at 1.866.532.2252.
    • Pre-authorized payment: This is a simple and practical way to pay the balance of the Cooptel bill. With your authorization, your bank account or your credit card is automatically debited monthly. This avoids late payments and additional costs. To register for pre-authorized payment, contact Cooptel Customer Service at 1.888.532.2667.
    • In a bank branch: Just go to your bank with your Cooptel bill. Contact your banking institution for business hours.
    • At an ATM, over the internet, or by phone banking: Add Cooptel to your list of providers for pay at the counter, online or via telephone banking. Have a debit card issued by your financial institution and the Cooptel invoice. For more information on paying your bills, check with your financial institution.

      The following financial institutions process the payment of Cooptel’s invoices:

      • CIBC
      • National Bank of Canada
      • Scotiabank
      • RBC Royal Bank
      • BMO Bank of Montreal
      • Laurentian Bank
      • Desjardins
      • Tangerine

        If your financial intuition does not appear in this list, validate with it to know its invoice payment policies.& Nbsp;

        I sent my payment by mail. How can I be sure you have received it?

        You can check your balance:

        • Online, via the Customer Center in MonCooptel
        • By phone, with an advisor at 1.888.532.2667

          If there is a balance remaining on your bill, you will have to pay it by any of the means mentionned above.& Nbsp;

          I’m waiting for a refund from Cooptel. What to do in the event of a Canada Post strike?

          All refund checks issued by Cooptel are sent through Canada Post. Your refund will be sent to you as soon as the strike is over. Note that the Canada Post strike is totally out of the control of Cooptel.

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          I ordered hardware from Cooptel (decoder, remote control, modem or other accessory). Will I receive my package?

          In anticipation of the Canada Post strike, Cooptel sends parcels through an independent shipper. You will receive your package even in case of strike. However, if Cooptel has sent you your package before the start of the Canada Post strike, delays may occur.

In what way can I pay my CoopTel bill automatically every month?

You can chose to pay by credit card or by direct debit from your bank account.

Once subscribed to pre-authorized payments, the payments will be withdrawn from your bank account or on your credit card on the last business day of the month. You will continue to receive your bill for informational purposes.

Why is my first bill higher than expected?

CoopTel bills on the 1st of each month. Being that at the moment of the installation the bill for the current month was already sent, we bill you retroactively at a pro-rata basis from your installation date on the following months invoice.

On what date are the pre-authorized payments withdrawn from my bank account or on my credit card?

The pre-authorized payments are withdrawn on the due date of your CoopTel invoice, that being the last business day of each month.

Can I receive my invoice electronically?

Yes, CoopTel gives you the possibility to make an ecological choice, allowing you to access your invoices via Internet.

Subscribe to “MonCooptel” in order to access your invoicing in “PDF” format every month.

“MonCooptel” is a secured personal account, accessible via our website, allowing you to consult your invoices from the 18 previous months. “MonCooptel” is simple, secure and ecological.

Every month, you will receive an email informing you that your new monthly invoice from Cooptel is available. The Cooptel electronic invoice is identical to the one you would receive in the mail (it is a PDF format file to open with the software Acrobat Reader


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